Aussies are a very loving and protective breed. They are shadow puppies for a reason. They are unconditional love.

You will never have to go to the bathroom alone again.

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Toy Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale in Texas

Our puppies are raised in our home, along with our family. We are a small Australian Shepherd breeder in Central Texas. The toys are my favorite size, they are compact enough to go just about anywhere.

I love how smart Australian Shepherds naturally are, sometimes a little too smart for their own good. They truly love learning and soak up the information so well. I even have some of my dogs that are trained on small stock. I also have some dogs that do not have the herding drive but make wonderful pets for families that are more laid back.

Toy Australian Shepherd puppies for sale
Toy Australian Shepherd puppies for sale
Toy Australian Shepherd puppies for sale
Toy Australian Shepherd puppies for sale
Shiloh Red merle male

Why choose us?

We ad value to getting your next furbaby

Microchip Implanted and Registered

Every puppy is microchipped before they leave. We stay as a secondary contact. Microchips have a lifetime replacement warranty through us. Added protection if they are lost/stolen.

Puppy Pack

Each puppy leaves with all their paperwork along with toys, food, and essentials for the first couple weeks of having your new puppy. (we don’t supply crates)

Emergency Health Insurance (30days)


We partnered up with Trupanion to supply each new puppy owner with an introductory offer that will not have any pre-existing conditions. Did I forget to say FREE!!

Genetic Health Warranty

2 full years!

This will cover you pets physical ability to be a wonderful companion.

Litter Box Trained

Makes the transition to pottying outside so much easier while allowing you to be able to get a good night’s rest without having to get up to take a new puppy out to use the bathroom.


(before, during and after)

We are here for you.

I am not able to replace a competent trainer. I can give some good advice to help you and the puppy transition. We are also here with a lifetime loving home guarantee (at any time for any reason.)

“I purchased my toy, Australian Shepherd, a little over 3 yrs ago. She is 10lbs full-grown, beautiful, and very sweet. Kathryn puts a tremendous amount of time and effort into the care of her dogs and their puppies. Since I have purchased my puppy, I have had several friends and family members who have also purchased from her. They have all been wonderful and beautiful puppies. I highly recommend her sweet puppies!!”

Adriane C. Ariat x Shiloh

” Sadie is the best puppy I have ever had the privilege to raise. She is absolutely delightful. We are so in love. You are an amazing breeder, she is the most well adjusted puppy I have ever seen. Thank you so much for trusting Drew and I to give Sadie a home.”

Pam F. Ty x Lilo

“She is just beautiful. So sweet and we love her. She’s really latched on to me and my 2yo. She follows her around everywhere”
Heather F. Ty x Lilo Puppy
“He is a sweetheart and loves to catch the ball. Loves cuddles and to lick and kiss everyone. Loves other dogs and strangers after he has an introduction. Everyone who meets him is in love. I have referred a few people to you. Even get stopped by cars on our walks.”
Julie A. Ariat x Karma