About Our Puppies


Australian Shepherds are such an intelligent and active Breed. We breed for Toy sized puppies only although we may occasionally have Mini sized pups. Our pups are to breed standard and of show quality dogs. I take a lot of pride in my breeding program and constantly working to preserve such a wonderful breed as the Australian Shepherd just in a more compact size for your convenience.

Here at AJ Ranch Australian Shepherds, We are striving to keep producing Top notch examples of why Australian Shepherds are such a wonderful breed to own. We have been blessed to share the love of this fine breed.

We produce just a few litters a year. All puppies are born in my room and grow up as part of the family until they are old enough to go to your family. I just love getting updates from happy families and thank each one for letting me be part of their growing up process.

We have placed puppies all over the Great State of Texas. As far North as Waco. As far South as Corpus Christi. As far West a Killeen. and East as Houston. I keep in contact with each puppy. Wonderful owners and homes.


  • Pre-Spoiled and loved
  • We Litter box train starting at 3-4 weeks to make potty easier for you
  • Micro-chipped before leaving. 
  • 2 year genetic health Guarantee. 
  • Wormed every 2 weeks till 16 weeks, monthly till 1 year
  •  Shots at 6/8 weeks, 10/12 weeks, 16 weeks, 20 weeks
            *Pups are at an increased risk till 18 weeks. Every 3 


  • Folder/Binder for your important paperwork
  • Assorted Toys
  • Harness and Leash
  • Puppy pads
  • At least 7 days worth of the puppy food we feed.
  • 30 Days of Emergency Pet insurance
  • ​All of this in a convenient carrying bag



     the puppies are weighed and handled at least once each day. This is mostly time for momma to spend uninterrupted time with her pups. 

  • Starting at 2.5 Weeks each puppy is handled daily from birth till the day they go to their furever home. We start the puppies on Mush food at about 2.5-3 weeks old. We also litter box train the puppies. Litter box training is a wonderful way to transition the puppy into the world of housebreaking. I truly believe it makes the process go even faster. Kennels are also a wonderful tool to use to help with housebreaking. As with any tool if you use it wrong it can be detrimental The goal is to keep the puppies in as clean of an environment as possible so that they see going outside to use the bathroom as the best option. I have learned that no matter how well I have the puppies on early potty training the new owner can make or break the training.
  • At 6 weeks old we start going out into the yard and getting to feel the grass under their toes. This is a wonderful time for the puppies as they play and jump all around the yard.
  • About the 7 week mark they are starting to go around the stock (or at least as close as the fence will let them get) Helping me with filling the water troughs. By this time all of the puppies are responding to a whistle and will stay close to me on a walk.


The day starts with each puppy that is leaving getting their last bath her on the farm. Each puppy is groomed- Nails clipped, fluffed, and made to smell nice. I also make sure each puppy has a fast acting flea pill about an hour before pickup. I do this as to make sure they are as flea free as possible (just in case they picked one up). 

I personally do not name the puppies as I would rather them know only one name. I do love it when the new owner lets me know the puppies name. I start working immediately with the puppy so that he/she comes to their new owner the first time their name is called.



No matter the price of the puppy.


All of our deposits are Non-Refundable. The only exception to this rule is if the puppy dies before their delivery date(freak accident kinda thing).
I will not take any deposits with out talking to me on the phone first. I will only hold a pup for 24 hours prior to a deposit. After a deposit is placed on a pup you will get at least weekly updates. The pup will be taken off the market and will wait till 8 weeks for you to pick it up. 
Deposits can be paid by Cash, Facebook Messenger Money and Apple Pay. MAKE SURE you want this puppy before placing the deposit!
Where I do puppy pickup here at the house I do have some rules that must be followed. Protection of my dogs and family are important to me.  Appointments must be scheduled and approved by me. I have references and do my best to be fair


  1. We enjoy the time we have with the pups before they get to go to their forever homes.
    We will always take any of our puppies back at any time during their life.
  2. All puppies have a 2 year genetic warranty. This warranty covers only Genetic conditions. It does not cover health issues like internal/external parasites, illness due to infectious diseases, etc. See your contract for more information. If in the unfortunate event your puppy has a genetic health issue we will promptly replace the puppy. 
  3. During the warranty period. You must keep me informed of any change in Ownership and/or Contact Information. If you do not update me  within 30 days of the change then the warranty will be VOID. After the warranty period there is no mandatory updates.  

I ALWAYS love hearing updates on the pups.