FAQ Page

1. Why isn’t the price of the puppy listed on the website?

Puppies that are available will always have a price. If you don’t see a price then the puppy is not available. Once in a great while, I will have a puppy that is about to become back available for one reason or another this something that I will tell you over the phone/message.

2. Is my puppy purebred?? Will it come with papers?

All of my adult breeding dogs are registered through 1 of 2 Registries ( ASDR and NSDR). For PET PUPPIES I will not send applications for papers. You will still get health-insurance papers, and a copy of your contract. To get registration papers you will have to pay and be approved for breeding rights (Breeding Rights have been suspended until further notice). 

3. Are your dogs’ health tested? Are the results posted on your website?

Yes, my dogs are health and color tested. Health and color testing are tools that breeders use to ensure quality pups. All of my pups are going to be Carrier or less on Immune Recessive, and Clear for immune dominate diseases. As in your puppy will not be affected by any of the diseases that we can currently test for. I am very versed in genetics so if you would like more information call me at 512-552-0271 (this is a subject that people write books about, there is a lot to genetics).No, my dogs’ results are not posted on my website. I do this because there is too much misinformation about testing giving people the impression that a pet puppy needs to be all clear to be a healthy pet when that is just not true. In most diseases that we test for, carriers will never be affected. However, if and when I open back up to Breeding prospects, they will come with copies of the parents testing and even possibly individual testing(if they need it).

4. What do I need to do to get on your waiting list?

A. When puppies are born I look to the New Puppy Questionnaire. Anyone that has filled on out and has been approved to an on the phone interview. Making sure it is the perfect fit for the puppy.

B. Then I will start sending out emails to the people that are on the waiting list notification if there is a puppy born that fits their wants for color and sex.Then you will need to fill out the New Puppy Questionnaire.

C. Next I will start advertising to the general public

5. I want a Blue Eyed Tri.

Although I am working on getting BET dogs into my program it is going to take a little more time. So for now I do not have the genetics for BET Puppies of either color (Red or Black). This is not the same gene that controls Blue Eyed Merles which I tend to have plenty.  

Black Tris = Brown eyes 

Red Tris= Amber eyes

Blue Merles = Any combination of Brown and Blue in both or one eye

Red Merles = Any combination of Amber and Blue in both or one eye

6. Why do you charge a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit?

  • My main goal with the Non-Refundable deposit is to lessen the number of homes that are not ready for a puppy.
  • I can’t stress this enough to make up your mind 100% before placing the deposit.
  • Every day I get calls/emails about puppies, if a home is not serious these are lost opportunities for the puppy to find his/her perfect home.
  • The deposit guarantees that when you show up to the date of pickup, the puppy you have been watching and building a relationship with for the last several weeks will be ready for ONLY you and no other.​

I chose this amount because I feel that it is an amount that would cause someone to think twice if they did not truly 100% want the puppy. While also protecting me and the puppy if we have to scramble to find him/her a home at the last minute and possibly taking on the extra vet visits, care, and training that growing puppies need just to make sure that the puppy gets the perfect home.

7. Will you take your puppies back if they don’t work out?

We will ABSOLUTELY take back any of our puppies at any time for any reason. I will also do every thing in my power to have them picked up with in 24 hours of being told they are no longer wanted. 

8. Can I visit my puppy??

Let me start by saying that puppy pickups are here at the house…..This is one of those hard questions for any breeder. Finding the perfect compromise between puppy families and biosecurity(safety for the puppies) and in times like now also for the humans as well. This is the reason why I love Facetime and other live stream services. I am currently looking into ways to set up a live stream on my website so people can get a better idea of their puppy’s personality and interactions on a more broad scale.If you want to do the deposit in cash I am more than willing to meet you somewhere in town. I am also willing to bring one of my socialization ambassadors (Retired Adults) along for the ride.​If you feel that you need to do a visitation or do not want to send the deposit that is ok but I will not hold the puppy for you if someone else comes along that is an approved home. Any home visits will be after the rest of the puppies with deposits have gone home. At this point, the puppy will be ready to go home and you should plan accordingly.