Toy and Mini Australian Shepherd PET puppies for SALE

Here at AJ Ranch Australian Shepherds we do our best to make Quality puppies available to everyone. This is why we have some litters that are for pet families. While these puppies may not be to breeding quality they will definitely be able to do their jobs as a great pet for you. These are quality Mini and Toy Australian Shepherd pet puppies for sale. All of our Adult dogs are registered through ASDR (American Stock Dog Registry) or NSDR (National Stock Dog Registry) 

Karma's Little Ones are here

Arait has a medium drive and has turned into such a lover. Although he has more of a cat personality than the typical Aussie mindset. He has won my heart and plenty of the owners of his pups.  

Arait & Karma Litter


October 5th, 2019

Ready to Go Home:

November 30th, 2019

Karma is our largest girl at 14.5 inches and about 17 pounds. She also has the highest herding drive of all my dogs. We has started her on stock and she is doing really good. This dog can keep up with almost any active activity. 

Toy and Mini Australian Shepherd PET puppies for sale


Black Tri Male #1

Black Tri Male #1

This little boy is going to get some attention. He is coming to have a flare of a personality


Black Tri Male #2

Black Tri Male #2

Loves coming up to the side of the pool to get attention whenever someone comes near.

Born on October 05, 2019 Early AM
Black Tri Male
Karma x Arait
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November 30,2019
Ready to LOVE you!
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Black Tri Male #3

Black Tri Male #3

This boy is actually an atypical Merle so he will have more of a Chocolate appearance

These little ones still have to get old enough to get their own personalities. 

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Didn't find the puppy that you want?


Deposits are $200.00

No matter the price of the puppy

All of our deposits are NON Refundable! The only exception to this rule is if the puppy dies before their delivery date(freak accident kinda thing).

I will not take any deposits with out talking to you on the phone first. I will ONLY hold a puppy for 24 hours prior to a deposit being paced.  After a a deposit has been placed on a puppy you will get at least weekly updates. The puppy will be taken off the market and will wait till he/she is 8 weeks old for you to pickup him/her up.

The deposit can be paid by Cash, Facebook Messenger Money or Apply Pay

Where I do puppy pickup here at the house I do have some rules that must be followed. Protection of my dogs and family are important to me. Appointments must be scheduled and approved by me. I have references and I do my best to be fair.