Toy Aussie Puppies for Sale Texas

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toy Australian shepherd puppies for sale in Texas

Pickles & Autumn

April 26th, 2022

Ready: June 25th, 2022 @ 8 weeks 4 days

Estimated to be Small Mini to Large Toy

Photo Coming Soon

Toy Aussie puppies for sale Texas

Red Tri Male

No white on his face but he does have 4 white toes

Yes my son named him after himself "Chase"

Photo Coming Soon

Mini Aussie puppies for sale Texas

Red Tri Female

She does have white on her face

Photo Coming Soon

Mini Aussie puppies for sale Texas

Red Merle Female #1

This puppy has the most white and is very flashy

Photo Coming Soon

Toy Aussie puppies for sale Texas

Red Merle Female #2

Has a moderate amount of white and very light colored

Photo Coming Soon

Toy Aussie puppies for sale Texas

Red Merle Female #3

This pup is the darkest and has the least amount of white

  • Has Deposit – Means the puppy has a deposit and is being held for someone
  • Pending – Means that I have an approved application and we are waiting on the deposit, (I WILL STILL ACCEPT APPLICATIONS)
  • Available – Means Fill out the questionnaire and email it back so the puppy can be yours (IT HAS A PRICE LISTED)

Genetic Testing

We genetic test all of our dogs for genetic illnesses and color testing with Embark. All of our dogs are guaranteed to be carrier or less in autoimmune recessive diseases and clear of all autoimmune dominate genes. Ensuring that your pup will never suffer from any of the diseases that we can currently test for.


We choose our breeding dogs for their abilities to be the best pets that money can buy. Thankfully having an established breed brings some uniformity but it does not guarantee that each and every pup will have the same personality as their parents.

This is why our personality testing is essential.

Herding Ability

I will have to say that I love the aussies for their herding abilities. I have several Mini Aussie Breeders dogs that can and do work stock (Cattle and goats).

We also have dogs that could care less if they ever see a cow.

This means that we are increasing your changes to find YOUR perfect companion for your family and lifestyle.


Every puppy is microchipped before they leave. We stay as a secondary contact. Microchips have a lifetime replacement warranty through us. Added protection if they are lost/stolen.


We partnered up with Trupanion to supply each new puppy owner with an introductory offer which will not have any pre-existing conditions.Did I forget to say FREE!!

litterbox Trained

Makes the transition to pottying outside so much easier while allowing you to be able to get a good night’s rest without having to get up to take a new puppy out to use the bathroom.


Each puppy leaves with all their paperwork along with toys, food, and essentials for the first couple weeks of having your new puppy.(we don’t supply crates)

lifetime Home Guarantee

We also will take any puppy of ours back at any time for any reason!


We are here for you. Advice fis only a phone call away to help you and your new puppy through the transition to going to their furever home.