Toy australian Shepherd Breeders Texas - Ladies

We are so proud to be able to present our Elite Toy Australian Shepherd Breeders Texas- ladies! All of them have exceptional genetic and perfect physical features. Their children can’t be much different too.
Blue Merle Toy Australian Shepherd Breeders Texas
Black Tri Toy Australian Shepherd Breeders Texas
Blue Merle Toy Australian Shepherd Breeders Texas

About Toy Australian Shepherd

A Toy Australian Shepherd is  Up to 14 inches tall (ASDR)

Usually have an Adult weight of Up to 20 Pounds




We are ethical breeders focused on using the considerable power all breeders have, to ensure our puppies are healthy and a joy to own. In addition, we get their toilet training off to a great start and our puppies are chew toy conditioned, crate conditioned, and well socialized.  Toy Australian Shepherd Breeders Texas 

As part of the all-important socialization, we also take care of the groom.   

And to prevent future injury and pain, our puppies’ dewclaws are removed when they are extremely small.   

We support our owners throughout the life of their dogs. Most importantly, we provide guidance to get their crucial early puppyhood period right, setting a solid foundation for a well-balanced, happy dog for you throughout its life. 

Why we chose the Toy Aussies

We chose the Toy Aussies for sale Texas because I love the compact size while still getting all the same quirky attitudes that you just can’t see your life without them when they are not right next to you. Toy Australian Shepherd Breeders Texas

The Background

I have been around Australian Shepherds my whole life. I have had all 3 sizes (Standard, Mini, and Toys). The height of the adult dogs should be the only difference between the sizes. All 3 sizes should be as easy to train, loving/ protective of their family, quirky, fun-loving personalities but then again I have always been a sucker for the quirkiness of my animals. 

Easy to Train and Very Smart

The Toy Aussies are Super easy to train and are very smart. It is so easy to teach them a trick or 2 or 3 for that matter. Most of the time it takes just a few minutes, and they get the concept of what you are asking them to do. Although you must make sure that you are keeping them entertained, when such a smart dog gets bored, they can lash out and get themselves into so much trouble. Thankfully, this can easily be remedied by exercising them mentally (which is so much better at tiring them out than physical exercise). 

Loving and Protective

Toy Aussies are very loving and protective over their family. Everyone seems to know about how loving the Aussies are but few know about the stranger danger that Aussies are prone to. This protection is part of the herding and Shepherd part of their heritage. Some dogs show this off by herding strangers moving them around by nipping at their heels. Other times the dog will just come out and tell a stranger that they are not happy with someone in their space. It is so cute to see a 10-pound Toy Aussie have little man syndrome thinking that they can take on anything no matter how much bigger their opponent is. 

This is what they were bred to do, you must have the confidence to be 10 pounds and take on a 1,000-pound cow/bull.

Funloving and Quirky

Fun-loving personalities are one of the main reasons that Aussies are so unforgettable. The antics that happen when an Aussie has little time to think to themselvesMy husband started teaching Our girl Shiloh to talk when she was a noticeably young pup (9 weeks), She thinks that she must have the last word and will keep going as long as it takes for her to get the last word. She decided early on that she belonged in our bed, under the cover with her head on the pillow.

Once Chase was born, she decided that he was in her place, her perfect personality realized that it was safer to sleep on the bed that we made especially for her where Chase would not try to snuggle on top of her in his sleep. 

of course, every dog is an individual and will act differently and that is the main reason that we are personality testing our pups. I am so excited about the personality testing to give a deeper understanding of the individual pup. Thankfully, there is always a perfect family for every pup! Toy Aussies for sale Texas

Genetic Testing

We genetic test all of our dogs for genetic illnesses and color testing with Embark. All of our dogs are guaranteed to be carrier or less of autoimmune recessive diseases and clear of all autoimmune dominant genes. Ensuring that your pup will never suffer from any of the diseases that we can currently test for.



Every puppy is microchipped before they leave. We stay as a secondary contact. Microchips have a lifetime replacement warranty through us. Added protection if they are lost/stolen.

Emergency Health Insurance

We partnered up with Trupanion to supply each new puppy owner with an introductory offer that will not have any pre-existing conditions. Did I forget to say FREE!!


We choose our breeding dogs for their abilities to be the best pets that money can buy. Thankfully having an established breed brings some uniformity but it does not guarantee that each and every pup will have the same personality as its parents.

This is why our personality testing is essential.

litterbox Trained

Makes the transition to pottying outside so much easier while allowing you to be able to get a good night’s rest without having to get up to take a new puppy out to use the bathroom.

Puppy Pack

Each puppy leaves with all their paperwork along with toys, food, and essentials for the first couple of weeks of having your new puppy. (we don’t supply crates)

Herding Ability

I will have to say that I love the aussies for their herding abilities. I have several Mini Aussie Breeders dogs that can and do work stock (Cattle and goats).

We also have dogs that could care less if they ever see a cow.

This means that we are increasing your changes to find YOUR perfect companion for your family and lifestyle.

lifetime Home Guarantee

We also will take any puppy of ours back at any time for any reason!


Lifetime Support

We are here for you. Advice is only a phone call away to help you and your new puppy through the transition to going to their fur-ever home.

Toy Australian Shepherd puppies for sale

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