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Toy Mini Australian Shepherd puppies for Sale in Central Texas

We Love our Puppies VERY MUCH

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Mini and Toy Australian Shepherd for Sale FULL RIGHTS

With our Full Rights puppies we take more care to make sure that the puppy is breeding or show quality. Your contract will have both a pet and breeding rights price. Because we are asking a higher price for breeding rights I personally see it right that you get a puppy that is capable to doing his job, Our warranty covers more. See your contract for details. I will not sell a Breeding/Show puppy for pet price upfront it will only be done as a rebate after notification of SPAY/NEUTER

Toy Black Tri Male #1 $1,000.00
Mini Black Tri Male #2 $1,000.00
Toy Black Tri Female $1,100.00

Mini and Toy Australian Shepherd PET puppies for SALE

With our Pet puppies you Must sign a Spay/Neuter contract. I take these very seriously. These puppies are for people that have no want to be breeding. These puppies still have quality, I really love this cross with Arait and Karma they make some beautiful puppies.

Black Tri Male #2
The LAST Boy
Karma x Arait BTM 2

We have a 2 tiered pricing system. We do this to make sure there is puppies for even lower budgets. Pet puppies are exactly what the sound like they are for families that are just wanting a pet and will come on a spay/neuter contact. If you think that you may be breeding in the future then purchase a breeding puppy. When the puppy is spayed/neutered I will refund half the difference between your puppies pet price and breeding rights price (With proof of course). Both of these prices will be layed out in the contract at you will sign at deposit or pickup.

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